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ROLE: Lead Web/UX Designer – Desktop & Mobile

Strikeforce Technologies, Inc. is the original creator of the anti-keylogging software GuardedID® and MobileTrust®. This software specializes in protecting hackers from recording your keystrokes (keylogging) and using that information to get into your various personal accounts.

I was approached to design their website and and redesign and elevate the user experience of their MobileTrust® mobile application using their new branding.


This project consisted of re-skinning and creating a new user experience of their MobileTrust® application.

The original application’s look and feel felt more form than function and lacked any sort of desire for engagement. In fact, from a user experience perspective, it needed to be edited quite a bit to reduce the amount of clicking and window popping needed to achieve a simple task. Also, some of the terminology used to label fields and buttons were too technical for a lay user to feel confident that they understand that they are engaging the correct way.

I studied and played with the app to get a feel for what actions can be consolidated to achieve their goal by the fewest clicks and screens possible and how can I simplify complex aspects of this application so that the user understands how to engage.

I wanted to use the new branding’s bold colors to highlight headers and big buttons so that the user not only knows where to go, but subconsciously understands what the purpose of the task is.

The overall reception was positive. There was more user engagement and less use of customer support. Tasks were easier to accomplish and users were able to find their way around the app much more easily.

*Images of old MobileTrust® app coming soon.