work | hummer

AGENCY: Modernista – Boston, MA
ROLE: Conceived & Designed Campaign Concepts
CAMPAIGN: This moment brought to you by Hummer

I and a fellow copywriter were teamed up to come up with new HUMMER campaigns to showcase HUMMER’s ability to reach seemingly inaccessible terrain that normally would be out of reach for most other off-roading vehicles.

Larger-than-life nature scenes catch drivers’ attention as they travel down congested city roads and highways. This is where you could be, they hint. This is where you want to be. If you drove a Hummer, you’d be here right now.

Panoramic outdoor could also take over the sides of buildings, tunnel entrances, sides of above ground train cars, 2 sided-streetscapes in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, etc. to create a larger-than-life scene that transports you from the reality of your urban environment.


Bus/train eco shelters in various cities and suburbs immerse you in an eco moment with a multi-sensory experience involving sight, sound, and smell. We’ll also replace the hard steel bench with Hummer seats. This could also include real foliage and turf.

– A shelter in Miami features a refreshing 270° mountain scene with cool mountain breezes and smell of fresh pine.

– A chilly shelter in Chicago features a gorgeous deserted beach with heat lamps, the sound of waves crashing and the smell of salty ocean air.


Audio Stations
MP3 plug-in postings on trains in airports, in the mall, etc., create an eco moment with beautiful photography and an earphone jack that plays a corresponding nature soundtrack

5D Ads
Multi-sensory print ads use a combination of pop-up visuals, sound chips and smell technology to create an eco moment.